WORLD’S FASTEST ANIMALS FAIL! Grant’s Gazzele Take Down Cheetah With Horns, Lion Hunt Imapala Fail

Although the jaguar is the most famous predator, when encountering a large and ferocious herd of “water leopards”, the big cat can only curl up and run away.

Jaguars like to swim and are largely solitary predators, attacking targets opportunistically, stalking and ambushing, being at the top of the food chain in the area where they live. In terms of lifestyle, this species is quite similar to a tiger, possessing a strong bite force and often attacking dangerous places such as the head or neck of its prey.

Jaguars are extremely reckless, they are ready to rush into the water to hunt caiman crocodiles or giant pythons. However, they are not unwise and put themselves in danger.

The leopard in the video accidentally trespassed into the territory of the otters and was fiercely chased away by the homeowner.

Although the otter looks extremely cute and friendly, it is a carnivore. They are known as “water leopards”, and are excellent hunters in the Amazon river region with excellent swimming abilities. They live in herds and are ready to attack any intruder, whether it is a crocodile or a jaguar.

The otter itself is not strong enough to confront the jaguar on land. Even if the whole herd rushed in together, it would not necessarily defeat the big leopard, and the resulting casualties would not be small.

The otters’ strategy is to take advantage of the river to pressure and chase away the leopard. In case the leopard counterattacks, it will immediately dive into the water to avoid the attack.