Wild Dogs TakeRevenge! The Old Buffalo Died Tragically After Daring To Attack The Wild Dog Leader

Despite being small and not possessing powerful hunting tools, wild dogs can take down prey five times their size.

Buffaloes are said to kill more African wild dogs than any other animal. They use the horns on their very strong heads to headbutt each other to win over females during the breeding season. Both males and females possess sharp curved horns in front of their heads that are used to defend themselves against predators.

Herds of buffalo are often very united when attacked by enemies. People often see the whole herd turn back to save one member from the jaws of a predator. But if caught by a stray dog, it’s a different story. They will choose to kidnap calves that are separated from the herd.

A pack of wild dogs can have up to 60 members. They live and hunt under the domination of a couple. Wild dogs do not have strong jaws like big cats, so they cannot take down their prey alone. However, these dogs have a higher hunting success rate than lions and leopards.

Hunting in packs requires cooperation between pack members, which helps them successfully take down prey up to five times their size.

Facing a huge herd of wild buffalo, the wild dogs in the clip do not flinch. Their smooth coordination and agility can help them separate the calf from the herd and turn it into a sumptuous meal.