Tiger Tries To Run Away! Super Strong Buffalo Launch A Fatal Blow To Torture The Tiger To Death

Until now, tigers have always been the obsession of every creature living near them. Because, in addition to the inherent ferocity, this big cat also possesses terrifying power, enough to kill any animal.

Usually, hunting like this happens once a week, and on average they can consume 40 kg of food in just one meal. With an almost entirely meat based diet and sophisticated hunting skills, tigers deserve to be at the top of the food chain.

In the clip, a notorious male tiger named Raja is trying to kill an adult wild buffalo. With top notch hunting skills, this tiger can easily defeat an opponent many times larger than himself.

After the first attack, the male tiger was knocked to the ground by the buffalo. At this point, the predator turns to bite hard on the opponent’s neck. About 15 seconds later, the buffalo fell and lay motionless.

Seeing that, the other 2 buffaloes in the herd immediately rushed to attack the tiger to save their fellows.

In order to protect the delicious prey, the male tiger rushes directly to the herd of wild buffaloes to intimidate. However, realizing that the enemy was too crowded, the tiger had to run away to escape.