The wildebeest was bitten and torn apart by four hunting cheetahs in an unexpected “turn over”.

Surrounded and bitten by four cheetahs, the wildebeest still had an unbelievable turn of events. It even injures enemies in unexpected ways.

Wildebeest are the favorite prey of many predators in Africa such as lions, crocodiles, hyenas or cheetahs. With a speed ranked among the fastest creatures on land, cheetahs have no difficulty catching up with this prey.

However, despite their superiority in speed and numbers, four cheetahs still could not beat this aggressive antelope.

On the vast savannah of eastern Africa, an unlucky wildebeest was separated from the herd and fell into the siege of four cheetahs. Caught by a herd of hunting cheetahs and thrown to the ground, the wildebeest refused to surrender and continued to fight back fiercely.

It seemed that the wildebeest would lose its life under the clutches of predators, but its survival instinct suddenly arose. Not only did the wildebeest turn the tables at the last minute, they also had an extremely unbelievable escape. It ran and launched back kicks that hit the cheetah’s jaws.


Fighting alone, the wildebeest still escaped death. Perhaps, life is its highest reward after being surrounded by mighty enemies.