The wild buffalo that had just given birth was surrounded by lions and had a tragic end

The African buffalo is one of the largest herbivores in Africa. Although the wild buffalo is large and powerful, this animal is still one of the lion’s favorite prey.

The wild buffalo that had just given birth was immediately surrounded and attacked by a group of lions. Although the mother wild buffalo tried to protect her baby, the final ending made many witnesses sad.

A young buffalo, just born and just learning to walk, encountered the biggest event of its life.

Even though she is still very weak after giving birth, the mother buffalo still tries to chase away the lions to protect her baby, as well as her own life.

However, the cunning and numerically superior lions distracted the mother buffalo to drag the baby buffalo somewhere else and easily bit the baby to death. Not long after that, the mother buffalo also suffered the same fate as her cub when she was knocked down by powerful lions.

The clip below exudes the cruelty of natural life, readers should consider before watching.

In the clip, the presence of other individuals in the wild buffalo herd is not visible. It is likely that the mother buffalo was left behind while giving birth, giving the lions an easy opportunity to surround and attack.

The clip of the tragic end of an African buffalo mother and child caused shock after being shared on social networks. Many netizens said they felt sorry for the fate of the mother buffalo and her calf.