The wild boar was so playful that he accidentally lost his mother, but unfortunately the eagle ate him alive, leaving the mother heartbroken.

The Martial Eagle is the largest hunting eagle in Africa, with a length of 78 to 96cm, a wingspan of 188 to 260cm and can weigh from 3 to 6kg.

This is also one of the strongest raptors in the world and has almost no enemies in nature. This eagle can hunt and eat many different types of animals, from birds, reptiles (including venomous snakes and large African rock pythons) or even mammals. like wild boar.

While the mother pig was distracted, the eagle Martial swooped down as fast as lightning to finish off the baby wild boar.

A Martial eagle swooped down to attack and kill a baby wild boar when it noticed the mother’s absence. Once it has grabbed the piglet with its claws, it spreads its wings to cover the prey it has just caught.

It struggled for a long time to finish off its prey. After the piglet was completely dead, it took its prey into a bush and often ate the meal it had just earned.