The Kind Buffalo Saves The Zebra From The Pain Of A Lion Getting Inside From Its Ass.

As a herd, the lion’s main prey is medium to large mammals such as antelope, zebra, buffalo…

Seeing a zebra in distress, the wild buffalo risked its life to attack and chase the lion to rescue the poor zebra.

Specifically, the dog video shows the situation of a wild buffalo trying to rescue a zebra that is being killed by a lion.

The buffalo rushed to use its hard horns to stab the animal and make the lion run away. The buffalo continued to butt at the zebra to get it up and try to run.

However, the zebra was injured and could not get up and run. The lion was still walking around there waiting for the opportunity of the buffalo to leave. However, the buffalo did not leave, but went to chase away the lion.

In the end, the lion had to leave, leaving behind the delicious food. The zebra was lucky to get out of trouble and ran back to the herd safely.