The entire buffalo herd helplessly watched as wild dogs slaughtered five calves

Seeing a herd of buffalo and calves playing in the distance, I came closer to take a closer look. As they approached, they discovered that the buffalo herd had been separated by a large pack of wild dogs.

The wild dogs were actually eating two buffaloes. That’s still not enough for the stray dogs. They continued to drive the rest of the buffalo herd, causing the entire buffalo herd to start chaos. The dogs reacted very quickly in the chaos of the buffalo herd to catch two more calves.

Weevils in mother buffaloes are helpless before the attack of wild dogs.
Four other buffaloes and one calf were separated from the herd and wild dogs continued to conduct a quick hunt to capture that calf. In total, the dogs killed 5 calves and the buffaloes could not do anything to the dogs.

Mandy shares that although this is an interesting thing to see when you visit the nature reserve, it is a terrible experience to witness.