The cruel baboon waits for the mother antelope to give birth and then brutally steals the baby antelope and eats it

When hungry, baboons can eat anything to fill their stomachs. However, usually they only eat plants and small animals such as birds, frogs, etc.

The video captures the moment a baboon casually pounces and eats the baby antelope, despite all efforts to rescue the mother, leaving viewers “severely shocked”.

The baboon climbed onto a large rock, pinning the baby antelope down. The mother antelope below saw her young being caught, there was nothing she could do.

The baboon above began to tear the carcass, devouring the baby antelope in the most brutal way, leaving the mother antelope below helpless to find a way to save the baby.

A chilling scene makes viewers extremely scared when the brutal monkey has a meat craving that can’t control his behavior.