“Straying” in the territory of the hyenas, the lioness was beaten in a group and the rescue was spectacular

The female lion unfortunately “strayed” into the territory of the hyenas, so she had to endure fierce attacks from her opponents. Fortunately, in the moment of danger, the lion was rescued by his pride and turned the tables.
Hyenas are probably one of the most hated animals in the world because they are essentially cold-blooded and extremely cruel animals. When tormented by hunger, hyenas will not hesitate to attack and eat their fellow humans, even young animals, or even larger enemies, lions.

Considered an intelligent animal, they are even said to be smarter than chimpanzees, having the ability to solve problems quickly and cunningly. At the same time, their ability to adapt to all living environments is very high, they can live and grow in all types of environments such as steppes, forests, riverside bushes, deserts and mountain terrain.

Although she is the lord of the vast steppe, the female lion who wanders alone into the territory of a herd of bloodthirsty hyenas cannot avoid a painful end. The large group of hyenas immediately attacked the lioness. Although the lion was stronger, it could not fight the majority. In times of danger, the lioness was herded nearby and rushed to the rescue.

A fierce battle broke out between a group of female lions and a group of hyenas on the savannah. With their strength and numbers, the hyenas were quickly overwhelmed and had to flee. Fortunately, this war did not result in any serious casualties.