Great! Super giraffe launched a powerful fatal kick, breaking the lion’s neck to escape death in a spectacular way

In the battle for survival, the animals have to use all their abilities to find food and hide from the enemies. The following clip captures the lion’s eye-catching giraffe hunting.

Famous for their superior hunting skills, and always outnumbering their prey, lions rarely allow their enemies to escape. However, it seems that giraffes always make it difficult for lions to confront.

Seeing that the prey was hovering in front of them, the lions immediately sped up to chase.

When he had just rushed forward to meet his head and bite into the neck of his prey, the leader of the herd was suddenly kicked by the giraffe, flipped his jaw, and kicked him to the ground.

Taking that opportunity, the giraffe continued to run away, far away from the bloodthirsty lions chasing behind.

Despite the overwhelming force, the 5 lionesses still received a humiliating defeat when letting their prey escape spectacularly.