Cheetahs are so fast! The mother ostrich ran at full speed but still could not save her baby from hunger

Both jaguars and ostriches are extremely fast species in the wild, so when these two species race for speed, who will win?

Initially, an ostrich with black and white feathers caught the sight of the jaguar herd. But when they start to attack and chase, the target changes. Their original target ran too fast, while another ostrich with gray plumage ran at a slower speed.

So the jaguars switched their target to this second prey. In addition to the leopards, other predators including lions and hyenas are closely following this hunt. Perhaps they are looking for a suitable opportunity to strike.

Despite possessing a body twice as big as a jaguar, many times taller and with long, muscular legs, the gray-haired ostrich was still forced to give up when chased by three jaguars. Hunters quickly take down large prey.